Being a composer and a pianist has certainly influenced my art creation

The elements that are found in music


melody harmony rhythm and color


can be transformed from sound into the visual arts

a certain beginning an exposition and a Finale 


The beginning is the conceptual idea of what can be created using different colors


In music there are the complex orchestral works that


are composed with many colors and then there are the intimate solo works for piano 

The more color used the more complex the finale piece of music


However as a pianist one can create simple yet touching works only with one color


using different shades of that color and the result is a personal work that is


characterized by simplicity and elegance 


I would say that my particular style is Characterized by Spontaneity


and a Constant Search for trying new methods and ideas


 I believe that whatever  benefits art can give to the artist its primary function is the 


platform it gives artists for Self Expression


this opportunity to express oneself is a great joy and I hope to pass


on this sentiment to art lovers everywhere

Thank You